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Nyonya Food @ Nyonya Breeze
Royal Selangor Bears
My Dad is a real fan of Nyonya (Straits Chinese or Peranakan) Food since my paternal grandmother is a Nyonya. I was introduced to Nyonya food at a very young age and remember her delicious Perut Ikan, Acar Fish, Gulai Tumis, Jiu Hu Char and Chicken Kapitan among the vast variety of Nyonya food she used to cook.

Since CNY is around the corner and my Dad will be in Penang, I scouted around for good Nyonya food so that he can enjoy them when he's here. I recalled having some good Nyonya food at Nyonya Breeze when they were still located at Tanjung Tokong. They have since relocated to Aboo Sittee Lane in town.

So, on New Year's day, hubby and I had lunch at Nyonya Breeze to check out the new place. Hubby commented that the patrons were mostly "old" people. That's not surprising, as it is the older generation who will be able to appreciate Nyonya food since it dates back to the 1800s.

Sambal Goreng

Kailan Masak Lemak

Acar Fish

Too Tor Th'ng

Hong Bak

Ayam Pongteh

Heh Ya Kay

Sago Gula Melaka with Banana

Nyonya Breeze
50, Lorong Abu Siti
10400 Georgetown
04-227 9646


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kennhyn: the food looks good...

Is the food taste good with beer?

Re: kennhyn: the food looks good...

Have not tried it with beer, but then again, any food taste good with beer doesn't it? :p

Nyonya food in Penang

Hey girl have you try the Nyonya food in New World? They have one there which is quite good too.

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