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"SNOW" in your beer anyone?
Royal Selangor Bears

I was introduced to SNOW BEER by my hubby. To me, it's more of a novelty if anything. The beer bottles and mugs are chilled at a temperature of -6 C. Pouring the almost frozen amber liquid into the frosted mug will result in a thick "snowlike" foam forming on top of the liquid. After allowing it to settle for about a minute or two, the refreshing cold beer is ready for drinking.

Ermm, if you're a quick drinker, you may find this snow beer a bit too "troublesome" as drinking it immediately after being poured means you're actually taking in the foam which does not really go down well with some people.

So, it's a love-hate relationship with SNOW BEER. Some people love it, some don't. .......

Thick froth forming immediately when the beer is poured into the chilled mug

Chilled at -6 C

The cosy interior of Culture Club, one the pubs in Penang that serve Snow Beer


As far as I know, in Penang Island, snow beer is served in Culture Club and Church Street Cafe (that will be a separate post).

So, if you have tried snow beer, pray tell your thoughts on it .........

Culture Club
Ground Floor Hotel Gallant
Argyll Road
10050 Penang

Beer Chill Factor - 4.5/5

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There is no change to the taste, except that the beer is really icy cold. Normally they would use Tiger, Anchor or Carlsberg for the ice beer

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