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"SNOW" in your beer anyone?
Royal Selangor Bears

I was introduced to SNOW BEER by my hubby. To me, it's more of a novelty if anything. The beer bottles and mugs are chilled at a temperature of -6 C. Pouring the almost frozen amber liquid into the frosted mug will result in a thick "snowlike" foam forming on top of the liquid. After allowing it to settle for about a minute or two, the refreshing cold beer is ready for drinking.

Ermm, if you're a quick drinker, you may find this snow beer a bit too "troublesome" as drinking it immediately after being poured means you're actually taking in the foam which does not really go down well with some people.

So, it's a love-hate relationship with SNOW BEER. Some people love it, some don't. .......

Thick froth forming immediately when the beer is poured into the chilled mug

Chilled at -6 C

The cosy interior of Culture Club, one the pubs in Penang that serve Snow Beer


As far as I know, in Penang Island, snow beer is served in Culture Club and Church Street Cafe (that will be a separate post).

So, if you have tried snow beer, pray tell your thoughts on it .........

Culture Club
Ground Floor Hotel Gallant
Argyll Road
10050 Penang

Beer Chill Factor - 4.5/5

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how it taste like?

The beer seems cool, but not too sure about the taste?

There is no change to the taste, except that the beer is really icy cold. Normally they would use Tiger, Anchor or Carlsberg for the ice beer

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