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Shenanigans Irish Pub & Restaurant
Royal Selangor Bears

The regular gang checked out the new Shenanigans Irish Pub & Restaurant, which opened its doors early this month to jump on the bandwagon for the year end festivities

Located along Jalan Tanjung Tokong after the famous Tari Burger, it has a huge porch, so parking is a breeze. Anyway, we were there fairly early, about 6pm, but when we left at about 12am, the parking bays were almost full.

Shenanigans has two main lounges, one for drinks and the other, for dining. The interior was very spacious and well ventilated, unlike a lot of pubs where you'll go home reeking of cigarette smoke after a night of drinking.

We ordered the Tiger Draft for starters before moving on the the traditional Irish brews of Guiness Draft and Kilkennys. The drinks were served really chilled and the prices were reasonable. Someone ordered the Rib Eye Steak, but commented that although she chose medium rare, it was served well done ... boo

Overall, it has the potential of being a regular haunt ...... well, let's see .......




Totally unrelated, but the above shot was taken just seconds after Man U scored their solo goal against Stoke City :) Cheers Man U

Shenanigans Irish Restaurant & Pub
Jalan Tanjung Tokong

Beer Chill Factor - 4.5/5

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Happy new Year!

Kenny (beerbeer)
How come the guinness colour look funny?

Have a Happy 2009...cheers!!!

Happy 2009 Kenny !!

He he he that was the Kilkenny served in a Guiness Draught mug :)
Hmmm, guess they should get some Kilkenny mugs . Cheers !

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