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Nyonya Cafe @ New World Park
Royal Selangor Bears
A nice gal left a comment on my Nyonya Breeze post and recommended Nyonya Cafe @ New World Park. So, on the 6th Day of the New Year, we took our empty stomachs to Nyonya Cafe @ New World Park for lunch.

Coincidentally my cousin, Joshua also invited us for dinner at the same place on the eve of Chap Goh Meh. The following photos are all the food that we stuffed ourselves with for lunch and dinner

Sambal Prawns with Petai

Inche Kabin (Nyonya Fried Chicken)
Too Kua Kean (Pig Liver Roll)

Kari Kapitan (Kapitan Curry Chicken)

Belacan Kangkong (Water Convolvulus)

Gulai Tumis - we had this for the lunch and dinner. This is my favourite dish @ Nyonya Cafe.
The fish gravy got the thumbs up from everyone. Very flavourful, and both times, there wasn't a drop left !!


She Lui Chee with Jackfruit and Coconut Milk

Fried Chicken with Tumeric


Kian Chye Ark (Duck with Salted Vegetable Soup)

Jiu Hoo Char (fried shredded cuttlefish with vegetables)

Kerabu Kacang Botol (Angled Bean) - wow, this dish is really NICE !!

Choon Peah - Spring Rolls

Sambal Udang

Stir Fried 4 types of beans - long beans, french beans, ladies fingers and petai

Nasi Ulam
We had white wine during the dinner session and hubby commented that in general, white wine goes better with Nyonya food. It could be due to the spicyness of the food, a glass of chilled white wine was really refreshing. I think beer will have the same effect too (makes a mental note to try beer the next visit)

Also a note to Nyonya Cafe and a lot of other Chinese restaurants - please provide some proper wine glasses. It's no fun drinking wine from those small beer glasses :(

Other than that, no complains. The food was good and service was prompt and attentive. Definitely a PLUS point - no service charge !! YAY !

Nyonya Cafe
102-A-6, New World Park
102, Jalan Burma
10050 Penang
Tel :- 04-228 7919 / 228 8919
Business Hours :- 11.30am - late night

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Dinner at One One Eight Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine
Royal Selangor Bears
I have a backlog of CNY makan-makan  photos to post. We've been spending the last 2 weeks stuffing our face with food, food and more food, whilst drinking ourselves silly too :)

These are the photos of the food we had at One One Eight Wang Chao Restaurant on the 7th day of the Year of the Ox.

Lo Hei

What's a Chinese Dinner without Sharks Fin?

Braised Limpets with Sea Cucumber and Mushrooms

Japanese Tofu with Scallops and Bok Choy

Deep Fried Salad Prawns

Spicy Stir Fried Scallops

Steamed Cod Fish - my favourite !!! It was soooo smooth and delicious !!

Prawn Curry

One One Eight Wang Chao Restaurant
2-G-2, Pekaka Square
Sungai Dua
Tel :- 04-657 1118
Business Hours :- 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Closed on Wednesdays


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Nyonya Food @ Nyonya Breeze
Royal Selangor Bears
My Dad is a real fan of Nyonya (Straits Chinese or Peranakan) Food since my paternal grandmother is a Nyonya. I was introduced to Nyonya food at a very young age and remember her delicious Perut Ikan, Acar Fish, Gulai Tumis, Jiu Hu Char and Chicken Kapitan among the vast variety of Nyonya food she used to cook.

Since CNY is around the corner and my Dad will be in Penang, I scouted around for good Nyonya food so that he can enjoy them when he's here. I recalled having some good Nyonya food at Nyonya Breeze when they were still located at Tanjung Tokong. They have since relocated to Aboo Sittee Lane in town.

So, on New Year's day, hubby and I had lunch at Nyonya Breeze to check out the new place. Hubby commented that the patrons were mostly "old" people. That's not surprising, as it is the older generation who will be able to appreciate Nyonya food since it dates back to the 1800s.

Sambal Goreng

Kailan Masak Lemak

Acar Fish

Too Tor Th'ng

Hong Bak

Ayam Pongteh

Heh Ya Kay

Sago Gula Melaka with Banana

Nyonya Breeze
50, Lorong Abu Siti
10400 Georgetown
04-227 9646


"SNOW" in your beer anyone?
Royal Selangor Bears

I was introduced to SNOW BEER by my hubby. To me, it's more of a novelty if anything. The beer bottles and mugs are chilled at a temperature of -6 C. Pouring the almost frozen amber liquid into the frosted mug will result in a thick "snowlike" foam forming on top of the liquid. After allowing it to settle for about a minute or two, the refreshing cold beer is ready for drinking.

Ermm, if you're a quick drinker, you may find this snow beer a bit too "troublesome" as drinking it immediately after being poured means you're actually taking in the foam which does not really go down well with some people.

So, it's a love-hate relationship with SNOW BEER. Some people love it, some don't. .......

Thick froth forming immediately when the beer is poured into the chilled mug

Chilled at -6 C

The cosy interior of Culture Club, one the pubs in Penang that serve Snow Beer


As far as I know, in Penang Island, snow beer is served in Culture Club and Church Street Cafe (that will be a separate post).

So, if you have tried snow beer, pray tell your thoughts on it .........

Culture Club
Ground Floor Hotel Gallant
Argyll Road
10050 Penang

Beer Chill Factor - 4.5/5

MAMMA MIA! the West End musical was .. dot .. dot .. dot
Royal Selangor Bears

fABBAlous !!!

Oh my god .. it was truly sensational as the lighting, fantastic sound system, and well choreographed dance numbers really brought out the best of the ABBA songs. The build up was fantastic, slow at some points, truly hilarious in some scenes, purely poignant in some and then exploding in a truly memorable ending with the ABBA classics Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia! and Waterloo.

Besides some slight variations to the movie, the musical also offered 5 additional songs. We got to enjoy
Thank You For the Music, The Name Of The Game, Under Attack, One Of Us and Knowing Me, Knowing You

My favourite scenes were definitely Dancing Queen, Super Trouper, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Voulez Vous, Does Your Mother Know and of course the pulsating finale that brought the audience to their feet.

Surprisingly, one of my favourite scenes in the movie was Mamma Mia but in the musical, it paled in comparison as the actress who played Donna in the musical, Jackie Clune, was a tad too stiff although she had a great voice. Ermm, could Meryl Streep please give her some tips on how to play Donna?

Song sequence in MAMMA MIA! The Musical :-

Act One

1.   I Have A Dream (Prologue)
2.   Honey Honey
3.   Money, Money, Money
4.   Thank You For the Music
5.   Mamma Mia
6,   Chiquitita
7.   Dancing Queen
8.   Lay All Your Love On Me
9.   Super Trouper
10. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight)
11. The Name Of The Game
12. Voulez Vous

Act Two

13. Under Attack
14. One Of Us
15. SOS
16. Does Your Mother Know
17. Knowing Me, Knowing You
18. Our Last Summer
19. Slipping Through My Fingers
20. The Winner Takes It All
21. Take A Chance On Me
22. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
23. I Have A Dream


24. Dancing Queen
25. Mamma Mia
26. Waterloo

Well, I know I am not supposed to snap any photos during the show, but I could not help it and sneaked a few shots during the finale. At the beginning of the show, they announced the arrival of our Prime Minister and other VVIPs for the show. Lucky PM (or was it lucky MAMMA MIA! cast?) met for a photo session after the show.


photo credit The Star Online

Happy New Year !!
Royal Selangor Bears

In the name of charity, we decided to purchase tickets for a New Year's Eve Dinner & Dance held at the Gurney Hotel to raise funds for the Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital. The night  was certainly a mixture of raves and rants. Let's kick off with the positives :-

1)  In order to be persuaded by Stephen to buy 2 tickets, hubby insisted that he drives us there as there was no way we're driving
     down to Gurney Drive on New Year's Eve, so we had a chauffeur for the night

2)  As usual, the company was great fun . Vincent and Lena, Stephen and Shanny, Kelvin and girlfriend, hubby and I

3)  We had loads of alcohol - 4 bottles of red wine and 1 bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin instead if the usual whiskey

4)  Entertainment was a mix of the usual cabaret inspired dance performances, a jazz solo performance, a magic show and a
     fashion show

5)  Some donated items were auctioned off and the proceeds went to the Mount Miriam kitty. Hubby bought my a beautiful
sequined evening dress designed by Randy Goh

Now, the RANTS .......

1)  See the card above - Dress code says FORMAL right? Besides our table, where the guys were in 
suits and a Norwegian gentleman who was also in a suit, some guests were in T-shirts and jeans!
Furthermore, the theme for the night was "GLAMOROUS"

2)  The card says 7.00 pm but did not start until 8.30 pm. Yes, we entertained ourselves drinking 
ourselves silly, but the whole point IS the ticket says 7.00pm !!! This was NOT a wedding dinner
where it usually starts late but it's a charity dinner!
3)  Even bigger rant here ...... at 8.00pm, after waiting for a whole hour, we found out that the "patron"
was not attending the function, goodness gracious me, I'm SPEECHLESS

4)  The food was totally forgettable, enough said

Luckily, when we get together, we have the knack to just blend in with the situation and do what we do best -


So, we did not let the negativity spoil our new year's eve and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly ....... hic hic hic. Went home happy, hugging my beautiful evening d

Plus we were sober enough to belt up at the back on the way home as the rear seat belt ruling was enforced on January 1, 2009. Such law abiding citizens all of us were (gives self a pat at the back)



Shenanigans Irish Pub & Restaurant
Royal Selangor Bears

The regular gang checked out the new Shenanigans Irish Pub & Restaurant, which opened its doors early this month to jump on the bandwagon for the year end festivities

Located along Jalan Tanjung Tokong after the famous Tari Burger, it has a huge porch, so parking is a breeze. Anyway, we were there fairly early, about 6pm, but when we left at about 12am, the parking bays were almost full.

Shenanigans has two main lounges, one for drinks and the other, for dining. The interior was very spacious and well ventilated, unlike a lot of pubs where you'll go home reeking of cigarette smoke after a night of drinking.

We ordered the Tiger Draft for starters before moving on the the traditional Irish brews of Guiness Draft and Kilkennys. The drinks were served really chilled and the prices were reasonable. Someone ordered the Rib Eye Steak, but commented that although she chose medium rare, it was served well done ... boo

Overall, it has the potential of being a regular haunt ...... well, let's see .......




Totally unrelated, but the above shot was taken just seconds after Man U scored their solo goal against Stoke City :) Cheers Man U

Shenanigans Irish Restaurant & Pub
Jalan Tanjung Tokong

Beer Chill Factor - 4.5/5

Xmas Lunch
Royal Selangor Bears
We had the opportunity to try out Richard's home cooked Xmas lunch when he invited us over on Boxing Day. After hearing about his experience as a chef in Manchester (yay !!) from hubby, I went with quite high expectations. And he delivered all right !!

The Roast Turkey was simply lovely .... perfectly cooked, nicely browned on the outside and succulent on the inside. The secret, he explained was the baste the bird every 10 minutes. Ooooh ... Tip of the Day

Awesome buttery and crispy Garlic Bread
English Style Chicken Stew

Spaghetti with Bolognese - super tangy and rich with chunks of fresh tomatoes

Great lunch, great company too :)

Glory Glory Man United !!
Royal Selangor Bears

With the Club World Cup title under their belt as a boost, let's hope Man U will be able to play catch up when they travel to Stoke City on Boxing Day and then host Middlesbrough on December 29.



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